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01/22/2011 09:30 AM

Sores in Nose


Does anyone suffer from nose sores? I continue to get sores in my nose and they bleed really bad. I know this is part of lupus. How do you stop the pain in your nose?

How do you stop the bleeding?



01/22/2011 09:59 AM
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01/22/2011 05:36 PM
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Hi Gen,

I just got over a nose sore. I had it for almost 3 weeks. this sore appears in the same spot everytime. Last year it stayed around for 2 months, but it didn't bleed. Lupus is definitely crazy

I hope you get rid of the sores soon.


01/22/2011 05:38 PM
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Yes. Do use the saline spray--a buffered saline spray is even better. My Eyes/Nose/Throat specialist told me to use a Q-tip and put a small coating of Neosporin ointment in my nose. Said it help with the healing. Hope it gets better!

01/22/2011 07:26 PM

Thank you for all the great info.I knew if I had a question regarding lupus and our life with it, this is the best place to go.

ERRRRRRRRRRRR this lupus sure causes alot of harm everyday. You think it would fly away in the winter, maybe take trip somewhere??? LOL


01/22/2011 09:11 PM
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Hi Gen, I also get the sores inside my nose. I use Vaseline and have also used Neosporin and they both work pretty well for me. If you are on O2 then you should not use any petroleum based product in your nasal are or inside the nose because they are flammable. So you may need to call your doctor for a product that is safe. (I just noticed the nasal cannula in your profile pic). Also if you are using oxygen at home using moist or humidified air.


01/23/2011 12:19 PM


I'm glad you wrote a reply!!! Thank you so much for writting to me.Your info will help so much!!! Gen

01/24/2011 09:31 AM
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Hi Gen -

I get nose sores all of the time. I too have saline spray - prescription grade that reduces inflammation of the nasal passage. I also do a saline rinse twice a day - there is a great product called Neil Med that you can get at almost any pharmacy that has a bottle and pre-mixed packets of solution. I highly, highly recommend it.

I also coat my inside nasal passages with vaseline on a Qtip at night (not too much or it feels weird)and sleep with a humidifier in my bedroom in the winter.

Hope this helps!

12/09/2012 04:53 PM
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Hi I suffer with Lupus and I tell you. I have had a nose sores and mouth sores that are painful. I no they has painless sores okay you have never had them. THESE THINGS HURT SO BADD

because I have gouty arthritis: I take Colyrs 0.6 for a few days when I get a flare up.

My rhemy told me that the Colyrs is also for my sores in my nose and mouth. I tried it this week had a big sore in my nose. Took my first colyrs on friday night and saturday night.

Today it is just about gone and the pain has stopped. Hope it is help for anyone out there. Also Colyrs site does have a coupon so that the co-pay is only 15.00.

Hope this helpsBlink Blink Blink Blink


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