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10/22/2008 07:37 PM

Low platelet count & I'm scared

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My last flare up was in Feb.05' until Aug.05..since then I have been in remission and doing great. I'm 24 yrs old, and throughout high school and onto college I have been interrupted from my studies due to flare ups. Since Aug.05' everything has been GREAT, until recently my blood platelet count has started to drop. During my flare up of 05' I experienced this for a lengthy period of time and was hospitalized to get blood and platelet tranfusions. Now that I'm having some of the same patterns in the decreasing levels of my platelets I'm becoming to worry. Once I notice that I'm worrying, I try not to worry so that I don't stress my system even more and do more/quicker damage. I'm really afraid of going through another 'stormy flare up'. In 05' there were numerous of times that I BARELY survived the storm. Now I can't help but to be scared of possibly going through the same stuff((medically & educationally seeing how I'm close to graduating w/my degree finally)) or God-forbid maybe even a rougher 'storm' this time around. I dont know what to think...except to try to remain calm....which is very much easier said than done.

10/23/2008 03:01 PM
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ok am new here. was diagnosed yesterday but the dr thought might have it all alone

so what happens in a "flairup"



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