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01/14/2011 12:39 PM

The Best Lipoma Removal

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Ok, I've been reading some of the messages and threads on here, and I just wanna post some information.

I've had appx 16 lipomas removed, all of them fairly small (between 2cm and 5cm). My first two experiences with lipoma removal were BAD, and I encourage you to think carefully about what I'm saying.

My first removal, of a lipoma on my neck, required twilight sleep, a rather large incision, and the removal of a fair amount of tissue from the back of my neck. My second removal was for two lipomas, one arm, one on the side. It was done with local anaesthetic, however it required rather large incisions, lots of stitches, and left me with two very nasty big scars. The scars were 2x-3x times the size of the lipomas. Tissue under the dermis was also removed.

My subsequent removals, the experience was GOOD. Notice the difference: very small incision, the doctor "pops" out the lipoma, one stitch repair, minimal scarring. The scar, if any, usually looks like I had been stuck with an icepick or something like that. Compare that to a 2 inch scar that looks like you had a transplant or something--both for completely identical 3cm lipomas right under the skin.

The cost is also completely different--$2,000 or more for the "big scar/idiot doctor" approach, versus $500 or less and possibly covered by insurance depending on the plan and other circumstances.

I simply can't emphasize this point enough: after having found a truly competent dermatological surgeon who knows the correct technique for this, it is CRYSTAL CLEAR to me that the other doctors were entirely incompetent--literally fools who didn't know what they were doing.

Don't get me wrong: one of the doctors was a highly regarded surgeon I was referred to by my insurance. The other a well-respected dermatologist with 30+ years of experience. Didn't matter. Big, unneccessary scar, pain, healing... and a fundamental lack of knowledge of what they were dealing with. Yeah, they will book you for surgery, they will cut you, but I'm telling you it is a bad mistake.

Find a dermatologist that is qualified in dermatologic surgery, someone who will tell you straight away that they do lipoma removal all the time and are expert at it, and have them describe the process. It should be something like a minor incision, squeeze it out, sew you up. 3 or 4 removed in a session should require about 30 minutes of work, and you drive home no problem. Go to the gym the next day. Seriously.


01/14/2011 12:45 PM
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Just to continue with this, I don't know if it's acceptable to mention dr names in here, but the GOOD dr I found was

Dr. Matthew Luxenberg, with offices in Los Alamitos and Huntington Beach, CA.

As a patient, I would recommend anyone with lipomas to either book an appointment with him, or if you are in a different area, call and ask for a recommendation for another doctor who is trained and competent in this type of surgery.

Actually, if you are contemplating spending $5,000 or something with some doctor who is going to give you a big scar, and you are in the US or even Europe, and you can't find another physician, it would be worth your while to instead by a plane ticket and visit California.

01/14/2011 12:50 PM
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Note that previous post isn't to prop up a single physician--I am sure that there are many other competent doctors who can do this kind of work. Minimally invasive surgical lipoma removal. But ASK the doctor, be very selective. I'm just saying, be selective. Don't be afraid to just leave after the consultation, chalk it up as a waste of time, and keep looking. You'll know when you one, they'll know EXACTLY what your talking about, and they WON'T "schedule you for surgery" or something like that. Bottom line: if it's something they can't do literally while they're talking to you, it is NOT what you want. If they talk about booking for surgery, admitting, surgery prep, post-surgery, anaesthesia, somebody to bring you home from surgery, etc etc etc--- you are talking to somebody who is going to give you a BIG SCAR for no good reason.

Similarly, if the receptionist/nurse or doctor aren't sure about lipomas or hesitate at all when asked, you are in all likelihood in the wrong place.

You want dermatology, and you want surgical dermatology. You want trained, expert surgical dermatology. NOT a laser clinic, not a botox clinic, not a muscle surgeon, etc etc.

09/06/2011 06:23 PM
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Rocke- You are so right! A good dermatological surgeon should be able to remove a golf ball sized lipoma with an incision the size of a pencil erasor.

Dr Grekin at UCSF just removed 8 for me (only 20 more to go)!

The attached file shows how it is done.

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05/14/2012 05:21 PM
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By far the best information I've seen yet, thank you so much for taking the time to write such a detailed post. I have one lipoma on my forehead and I'm beyond ready to have it removed.

06/10/2012 11:35 AM
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Hi all,

Do you know what caused your lipomas? Did they grow back after removal? I am a 34 yr old male living in DC with a rare mitochondrial disorder called MERRF. My grand mother and uncle 9both deceased) had them removed when they were much older. However, the lipomas grew back. My uncle's was on his neck and grew back about 10 times the size of the original one. Mine are around my neck and shoulder area. Fortunately, they are not painful, just unsightly and annoying. They are also getting bigger with age and as I loose weight. Thanks.


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