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03/09/2012 05:52 AM

Stem Cell Research

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I contacted Arizona Stem Cell Research Institute to see if any of it would apply to lp sufferers. Here is the reply:

From: ASCI - Stem Cell Institute

March 7, 2012

As you have seen on our Website, we offer autologous Stem Cell Harvesting and Treatment for injuries and medical conditions of all kinds. Our Staff sees patients for various conditions and treat them with a variety of therapies. As each person is an unique individual, each person will respond differently and there are no guarantees, nor do we wish to provide false hopes. We do these stem cell procedures as the practice of medicine and not as an FDA approved treatment. Thus, we do not make medical claims....

Again, we cannot say whether this particular stem cell treatment will help you or not. What we can do is provide the autologous stem cell therapy. Our Staff cares about its patients, listens to them, and takes the time and effort involved to work with its patients to achieve the best results. The exact treatment would be determined by yourself and your care provider during the consultation - keeping history, past treatments, and current conditions in mind. On the Consultation day, your care provider can and will further explain how the autologous stem cell treatment fits into this therapy, along with key nutrients given orally, parentally, and intramuscularly.

The Treatment is divided into 2-days:

First day: Initial Interview and Consultation (1 to 1 1/2 hours): Includes an interview, physical examination, and standard history.

Second day: Procedure (3-5 hours): Includes an intravenous supply of antioxidants and/or preparatory IV drip, and the harvested stem cells from adipose tissue. These autologous, less than minimally-manipulated stem cells are then concentrated and re-injected into one or more areas. This may include one or more of the following:

Systemically: Intravenous Infusion (If necessary, the doctor will adjust the preparatory cocktail to allow the opening of the BBB, allowing the passage of substances through this barrier to infuse the brain and spinal cord), Intramuscular, Intranasal Aspiration (especially localized for brain damage and allows quick access to the brain while avoiding the BBCool.

Locally: at the site of the problem, or via Intraperitoneal administration.

You would most likely leave the clinic with a custom-compounded formula that your care provider may deem is necessary. We will also talk to you about your condition and any other treatments or intermittent treatments which we have had success with, or that you may need in the future. Our treatments are performed in the USA, a main difference between our therapies and that of others......we also address the condition presented with everything in our medical arsenal in a very comprehensive and integrative manner: whether it be with Conventional Pharmaceuticals, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Nutritional Therapies (Oral, Intramuscular and Intravenous), or a combination of all, we are here to do the utmost in helping the patient heal.

Any additional treatments, or other therapies/products that our Staff provides during the Stem Cell Treatment day, would be included in the Consultation/Treatment Fees. Fees start at $8750.00 (USD) as emergency therapies and some other procedures do incur a higher fee....

Treatment sessions would depend on your progress and what results you would like to see; hopefully only once, with intermittent treatments, formulas, and progress provided and monitored by your local practitioner.

We apologize, but we do not disclose past patient information, contacts, treatments, nor results. What we would like to see is that you are satisfied with one treatment and don't have to return.

To be approved for an appointment without any obligation, please fill-out this Medical Information Form.

Please complete ALL PARTS of the Medical Information Form containing an AN ASTERISK or you will submit the form and get an error leading to a loss of all information. Also, please make sure that the email address is formatted correctly. If the form was completed and submitted correctly, you will receive an email stating such. Please use Internet Explorer or Firefox Browsers to complete the form

Once received, we will review the Medical Information Form and let you know if your application is approved. Once approved, we will contact you with the option of scheduling an appointment and dates to choose from. Because space is limited, we require a wire/direct deposit of 50% of the total treatment fee to reserve your appointment. Upon confirming your appointment, we will provide you with a list of local hotels which offer Preferred Rates to our patients, as well as transportation information to/from the airport. On the day of the Consultation, you will be required to pay the balance of your fee using either a Money Order, Bank Draft, Cashier's Check, or Cash. Please note that the deposit is 90% refundable in the event of a cancellation with 14-days written notice of cancellation (email is acceptable). Changing or deferring appointment dates prior to this time can be done without a penalty.

You can bring-in or Email any medical records for the appointment that you deem relevant to the case.

Please let us know if you require any further information.

Have a beautiful day!

The Arizona Stem Cell Institute


Has anyone participated in such research?


03/09/2012 05:54 AM
Posts: 201

Oops telephone number got trunicated - 415-937-7456

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