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12/04/2010 04:01 PM

lichen planus for 10 years instantly gone

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hello every body!!!! i'm from france

this is not a joke have this illness for ten years from some spots on the legs, feet and arms try many medications but as they said its already there but to give hope try this;

1. change your soap as it said change to AVENE COLD CREAM SOAP this soap has natural essentials of water base

2. after the bath use XEMOSE universal emollient cream made by URIAGE water base minerals also.

these two basics can help

3. then for smoother skin try to cover it with argan oil

then you will feel the difference in matter of days

the flakes of the skin from planus dry up

loose all the drastic cortisone. if cream just put very very very small little amout on the spot. the HOPE begins to appear

had this problems but hope arrives.

my doctors says its not the illness that we have to conquer but within yourself we have to fight on. means its the way how we live or BEHAVE on everyday basis


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