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04/15/2012 06:42 PM

Relationships Affected by Surgery & Recovery

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Have your relationships with loved ones ... and pals, been impacted by surgery & recovery? I've found siblings stay away ...because they have a hard time seeing me "dependent" or not out slaying dragons. I've had unsuspected friends/neighbors really demonstrate compassionate and anonymous support. I find my self far less crabby than week three!

I'm curious about how your relationships have been impacted.


04/23/2012 07:38 PM
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New Member

I'm 7 weeks out and it has totally controled my life. I'm in constant pain don't sleep well, so it has had an impact on my family for sure.

I could not drive until 6 weeks, so at least i can drive to therapy now.

I've been a hermit and I will admit getting depressed over this process, and I had another TKR 5 years ago without all of the issues I have this time.

I feel bad for my family, especially since I have fibromyalgia also.

I'm a bundle of laughs-NOT

I don't feel they have any clue to what I go thru daily-which I hope they never do.

I wish you all the luck!


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