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  "For my wonderful Father that lost his fight with Parkinson's Disease after thirt..." (lizzo123)

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zooker"Hey I'm zooker,

I'm a single father of two, a survivor of sexual abuse, bipolar, PTSD and severe back pain from car accidents.

My goal on this forum will be to help the people that reach out, lend an ear when needed and offer my life experiences as advice. I have loved, I have lost and I am still here.

My abuse was between the age of 9 and 13 and my abuser was close to our family, a lot of people would say that she was teaching me life skills but after years of fighting with the trauma I have learned that I am here for a reason and trying to help others find they way is the best treatment I got.

When I was diagnosed (officially) with bipolar I started to research and found MDJunction and it's helped me a lot. I am on that forum every day and will devote more time to this one and try to get people the help they need.

Feel free to ask me a question on the site or through PM and I will be as open and honest as I possibly can.

Remember that you are not what the abuser made are stronger than that so stand up and take what is yours.

yours truly,

" (zooker)

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    5 months after TKR 3120Rirish
04/05/2014 07:02 PM
by newknee
    newbie to group 1145DDJTJ
04/21/2013 05:42 PM
by Droske01
    BiLat TKR May, 2012 0275Urband88
02/26/2013 07:09 AM
by Urband88
    Newbie who is terrified of this surgery 6641Nanaof4kids
11/20/2012 09:51 PM
by Janekc2012
    Newbie wondering if TKR is the right thing 0184elizab0001
11/20/2012 01:32 PM
by elizab0001
    Right knee replacement three days ago! 7963SFBayArea
10/08/2012 05:32 PM
by heather4578
    What an Undertaking! 0270lzach
07/22/2012 04:19 PM
by lzach
    post surgery problems 3478michaelneel
06/09/2012 06:35 PM
by tmsnnc
    Another New Guy 5261hbark
05/03/2012 04:00 PM
by vleeharris
    Hi, could use some support 2611Zin
04/23/2012 05:35 PM
by mem5264
    New to Group 6499TexasKees
01/30/2012 08:58 PM
by Sarahdhoe
    Bilateral Knee Replacement in Two Weeks! 1278whitehga
07/24/2011 03:04 PM
by mikepaul
    Intro 1230celiaj47
08/06/2010 03:30 AM
by BPB
    Newbie 1211hillward
08/01/2010 08:06 PM
by sanukgray
    Intro from Montanan 5255margyk
07/25/2010 10:30 AM
by kjv1956
    Hi new to group 3180Brady101
07/23/2010 07:27 AM
by BPB
    Thanks and Intro 13438catglass
07/02/2010 04:57 AM
by BPB
    Knee Surgery 4413tony04
06/22/2010 02:40 PM
by tony04
    Partial Knee Replacement 2355Rhea1524
06/14/2010 05:47 PM
by jrauls
    Not as great as my new hip... 2243jrauls
06/13/2010 06:10 PM
by jrauls
    Hello, Newbie under 50 with TKR 7640luvthemoon
06/13/2010 06:06 PM
by jrauls
    Hi 4174mking061
06/01/2010 10:02 PM
by BPB
    New to group 4144LauraF
05/30/2010 11:05 AM
by Rhea1524
    New here 2130DixieL
04/17/2010 06:20 PM
by kjv1956
    Let me introduce myself 3235keeter
02/02/2010 09:34 AM
by keeter
    Technical stuff related to the Knee Arthroplasty support group 0194Alon
01/24/2010 03:13 AM
by Alon
    Hello Knee Replacement Support Group, I'm roy 0409roy
01/24/2010 03:13 AM
by roy
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