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10/13/2011 05:10 AM

3 mo. post total rt. knee replacement and so blue?

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I am a 49 yr. old female who had total knee replaced 3 mo. ago. I made big gains the first 2 mo. with PT and then outpatient PT. Insurance only allows 20 visits /yr. so appealing and waiting. I am becoming totally depressed with the progress and pain, mostly when getting out of chair, standing etc...Knee was shot pre-surgery with many surgerys so therapist said recovery will take up to a year. Don't understand why getting up and down is so painful if all the "bad stuff" is gone??? Anyone have a similar situation???? Would love to hear from someone, feeling very alone and blue Sad


04/24/2012 09:42 AM
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I"m having issues also, I'm right at 2 months, ROM is 120, have no issues with doing pt exercises. I still have this horrible tight dead weight feeling in my knee and if I'm on my feet over 30 minutes it lets me know it isn't happy.

Sleeping is difficult-I wouldn't really call it sleep.

I asked about this dead weight feeling at my check up and was told your knee went through alot and it takes a full year to recover totally.

I had my other knee done 5 years ago and had pain first few weeks, then it went away and was able to work full time at 6 weeks.

Are you working? I go back tomorrow and I'm scared.

I'm here if you need to vent or talk-maybe we can help each other.


04/24/2012 04:02 PM
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Hi Newroad!

I had both knees done Aug 2nd 2011. I still have a little of a dead weight feeling . . . this is due to the nerves from the inside of your knee being cut, leaving the outside part of the knee with no feeling. It is slowly coming back but I'm told it may never be the same as before the surgery. Also, the quad muscles (the muscles in your thigh that form your lap) need mega rehab after surgery. I still have trouble getting up out of a low chair. Quad sets help. Lay on your bed on your back with your legs straight. "Push" your knee down into the mattress using only your muscles in your leg. Hold for 10 sec and then release. I do this at least twice a day. This will help strengthen the muscle. Also, a stationary bike is a great resource too.

I look at it this way - I was in so much pain and discomfort before the surgery, this is a piece of cake. It does get better!

04/24/2012 06:35 PM

It can take up to a year and half for a knee replacement to heal it takes about 6 months for the numb feeling you have to go away. And to keep the knee from getting stiff you should do most of the excercises you learned in pt. I do the heel slides, quad sets, angel wings and leg lifts on both knees my left knee was replaced on aug 3, 2010 and its doing great now my right knee was done may 11, 2011 and i got 2 infections that required a surgery with second one being with a wound vac and spending time in a nursing home. Had the skin graft in July and a knee manipulation when i got out of the nursing home, when home health left for pt and i went to reg pt they were afraid to work my knee cause the skin graft would split so i ended and just started the real pt 11.5 months later. ive had 4 visits so far and i can tell the difference with the strengthing i can stand longer and walk more but still a long haul for me. Ortho said all guidelines for this one to heal is out the door when it heals it heals from all the complications i had the past year

04/25/2012 07:39 AM
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I am 7 wks post op from knee replacement and find it also so hard to sleep. I'm glad to read that this is a common problem. I don't find there is much pain during the day but once I relax at night, the pain starts. It is in my knee and shin. I also feel badly that I'm still taking pain meds at night so I feel better knowing this seems normal. Also had a problem at about 4 wks post op with nausea and diarrhea so much so that I lost 15 pounds...finally my appetite is coming this a common problem? When have can I expect more energy??

Thanks for any suggestions.

04/25/2012 06:32 PM
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I had my left knee replaced on March 6th. It's been 7 weeks. I go to therapy 3x a week. The pain is bad when the therapist bends my knee to get it to 110. He got it to 108 the other day. The pain I have now is in the muscle right above the knee. I'm having my right knee done on May 10th. I don't know which is worse, the pain in the neww knee or the pain in the rt. knee thats gives way when I walk. I find it hard to get comfortable at night also. The tingling that is on top of the leg drives me nuts If my nightgown touches it it hurts. I find myself sleeping with my leg outside the blanket.I'd love to hear from people with the same problems.

05/12/2012 05:31 PM
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HI! I've been told to expect & give myself permission for meds at least the first three months ... this is a very aggressive surgery, period. Much like Glen, the pain I had prior to surgery was much worse than this. My recovery is slow and steady ... but I am gettig better ... somedays feel better than others. I had bilateral TkR 3/12/12. I was told to expect to be in "recovery" for the first year. My progress is good ... largely because I've embraced, sought after, created ... physical therapy. I have to keep moving to get the full range of motion...and gain stength. If I want to keep moving ... I have to keep moving!

Seems like we're pioneers with the new-er proceedures. More of us are younger ... and our recovery is often better than expected.

Isn't this exciting?!

Good luck!!!



08/15/2013 09:59 PM
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i had a knee replacement 3 months ago i def... thik somethins is wrong dont no if there is such a thinh as too big of a knee put in but thats what i think is wrong any feed back on this?????

09/04/2013 09:21 AM
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Debbie, have you checked in with your doctor? That sounds painful and like something you definitely want to talk to your PT and surgeon about. I hope everything is okay!


02/26/2014 05:42 AM
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I had my bilateral knee replacement done on 11/11/14 and anytime I exercise my knees swell.I started a water aerobics class and my knees swell so bad it scares me! But as much as it hurts I know that on the long run it is helping those muscles. No pain no gain. The way I look at it the doctor did his part now I have to do mine. Exercise and keep moving!It really does help. I have never taken so many pain pills in my life. But I was walking the first day of surgery and everyday after that. It will get better!Smile

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