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09/01/2011 04:30 PM

Hemophiliac facing TKR

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Hi Guys,

I am new to this site but after reading some of your comments wanted to be part of your discussions. I am 68 years old and overweight facing TKR. I do have a bleeding disorder that makes me a true hemophiliac. My hematologist and my surgeon differ on how to treat me. The surgeon wants to do one knee at a time while my hematologist feels that it would be safer for me to have just the one surgery doing both at the same time. They also are in disagreement as to where the surgery should be done. The surgeon wants it done at the new state of the art Orthopedic Surgery Center while my Hematologist wants it done at our large hospital complex because they have a hematologist on 24-7. At this point I am letting them fight it out! When I had meniscus surgery done 4 years ago I was in the hospital 6 days and received 50 transfusions.That is basically out patient surgery. Because of that I am really scared!!

Please someone tell me about your recovery if you had both knees done at the same time. I am beginning pre-surgery PT next week. Surgery will most likely be late fall unless we need to do it sooner. I am bone on bone with no cartilage left. I also have had several bouts of bursitis in my right knee. Have been getting cortizone shots and next week we will try Synvisc-One. Have any of you had success with Synvisc-One?

Thanks for your help,



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