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12/22/2010 10:43 AM

7 weeks out..........

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Hi, I'm Heidi. I had TKR 7 weeks ago (1 Nov.) I do my exercises 3x day and go to PT 2X week. The knee is still very inflamed--swelling and heat. I ice and elevate several times a day. Very painful going down stairs. It feels like it doesn't want to bend while going down the stairs. Before surgery, I had a 33 degree bend in my leg. I can only get it to 14 when straightening now. I can bend to 114 degrees. The surgeon and PT say all is normal. I was not expecting this much pain and inflamation at nearly 8 weeks. I go back to work on the 8 week mark, and I am worried about the swelling by the end of 8 hours on my feet.

I also have an annoying click in nearly every motion in my knee. Again, the surgeon and PT say "normal." Any thoughts from anyone? Thanks.


12/22/2010 01:20 PM
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Dear Heidi,

I am in week 23. Going downstairs is still careful going, but getting better. You might try a combination of both ibuprofen and naproxin (sp?), taking half of each dose.

I also did acupuncture as often as possible and found a shiatsu masseuse who was familiar with TKR. Swimming in a heated pool. Also suggest heat instead of cold. I know ice is the standard protocol, but IMHO ice stops the healing process. I am also doing yoga.

You can expect the healing process to go forward for up to two years, altho the most dramatic improvement will be in the first year.

Hope this helps.

Christine in Portland, OR

12/22/2010 04:34 PM
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Thanks Christine. Yes, I agree that the heat seems to loosen things up quite a bit. My PT has me use it on the back of my knee for my tight as a drum hamstring, but he says NO to heat on the front of the knee because of the inflamation that is already there. He said that heat would draw more blood and swelling into the joint.

I quess I'm just impatient.


Wiscasset, ME

12/26/2010 07:21 AM
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Hey Everyone,

My TKR was June 21st. I am still surprised at the pain. The nerve block really created a problme for me. For some reason the side movements really cause pain. You know turning over in bed, getting out of the car, pushing away from desk, or away from the table. I am really surprised at the levels of pain so far out. My bend is good as long as I don't push to far and set off the nerve. The straight leg is still not where is should be but that set of workouts causes the nerve pain instantly. This concerns me. My next Dr. appt is on the 11th. I so expected much more relief by now.

Wish everyone a great holiday season.



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