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04/25/2009 03:46 PM

Kidney Stone

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Recently discovered that I have a 2mm kidney stone in my left kidney. No pain urinating. My urologist said we should leave it alone and just drink plenty of fluid in the hope it will pass. He said it would be very difficult to find the stone, as it is small and removal would involve radiation. I have been advised not to have any more radiation this year unless absolutely essential because of the amount of radiation I've had this year due to bronchitis and viral infection. Any suggestions? [img]

06/17/2009 11:44 PM
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Hi there! How are you feeling?? yes, your doctor is right...drinks lots & lots (and even more water!!!) also, start to drink cranberry juice bc sometimes you can also get a UTI after passing one so the juice is a good preventive one. I am 37 years of age and have passed about three dozan stones ranging from 1mm to 7mm. my body keeps forming them so make sure to have a 24 hour urine test and a full blood work up to make sure everything is in line. if not, there are some med's that can help. also, this sounds very silly, but when i feel the stone moving and around the front lower part of my abdomen i start to drink more water and jump up and down for a few minutes. i have done this many times and it helps the stone move out of the body (i guess gravity). once the stone reaches your bladder then it just comes out via your urine (which does not hurt, just a little sore). the worst part is when it passes from the kidney thru the ureters. hang in there!!!! there IS will pass, but if you have a fever and the pain is horrific you should go to the ER. they will set you up with an IV fluid and give you paid med's. Sending you good vibes ur way Smile Keep us posted.

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