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05/27/2009 04:24 PM

Newbie here...Cornea transplant & Laptop questions

meredith1851Posts: 15


I am new to this group. My mother who is in her early 60's has suffered from keratoconus since she was a little girl. She has procrastinated having the cornea transplants but now her Doc said she has no choice because she has cateracts and they can't be removed until she has the corneas done. She wanted to know if there are any specially made laptops for people who are visually impaired. Any feedback that I can pass along to her would be great! She doesn't want to lose her job after having one of her eyes done in a few weeks and is going to pitch working from home to her boss....


11/18/2009 01:49 PM
Posts: 3

Hi, I'm also new to the group, I'm a keratoconus patient myself. Admire your mother for living with it that long. I am a Computer Science graduate, but I have not heard of specially made laptops for visually impaired. However, regular laptops include accessibility features that make them usable for your mother. My PC is customized to help me visually, like larger text sizes for applications. I suggest getting a laptop(if you didn't already) and requesting your supplier to adjust its visual settings for your mum. At the least, they can show you how to do it yourself. Hope this helped.

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