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09/11/2011 08:19 PM

IBS? Maybe

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Hi I am Tina. I was told back in 2005 that I don't have IBS? <---GRR!

Why? You may ask? They chalked it up to an STD? WTF?

I was in the navy at the time. And transported off the ship by ambulance to the hospital. I was in severe pain felt like my appendix was about to burst? The only thing they could find wrong is that I had swollen lymphnodes in my small intestine's! They sent me back to the ship. With vicoden and a siq (sick in quarters).

Our ship went under way and when we came back into port I had an appointment with a specialist? Who basically told me I dont have IBS there was no need to do further testing. He so rudely told me about the chlamydia and put me on antibiotics to get rid of the infection.

Needless to say from there on out things have gotten slowly worse.

Like I can't tell If i have to go # 2 until like a few minutes before. I dread being stuck in traffic especially while living near military bases. I have had my husband pull over multiple time's because I seriously feel like I need to go right that minute. Most of the time my # 2 is runny with mucus around it. I have had multiple accidents over the last few years. Some at home, some in the car. Like I just don't know. I am seriously afraid to fart sometime's. Like today I farted in the car and I seriously thought I pooped my pants. I have done it before. IE: From work to home is less then 5 miles. I got in the car at work. Realized I had to go to the bathroom. My college campus (Small 1 bldg) was on the way home had to pass it to get home. Figured I would stop there use the bathroom really quick and be on my marry little way. I didn't make it to the parking lot before well you can probably figure out the rest. Waddled into the school. Cleaned up. Through-out my underwear and practically got out of there. Luckily for me it was in the middle of the day when there were not many people on campus.

I also suffer from bouts of acid reflux. I handle most food's fine. Greasy foods are strong triggers for both acid reflux and the pooh issues. So I avoid them as much as possible. Even when I make grilled cheese I don't use butter.

With the acid reflux my Dr ordered a complete abdomen ultrasound to see if they could determine were the problem is. The only thing they found was to much fatty tissue around my liver. After that they didn't do anything and I ended up moving out of state.

Yeah I suck at introductions. I may not have IBS i don't know. But I do fully understand the humility of it all and it sucks Sad.


09/12/2011 04:29 PM
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Hello LittleOneUs,

Welcome to the group.

There are several bowel disorders that can cause your 'symptoms'. I am not a doctor by any means, (don't even play one on TV LOL) but it sounds like IBS to me.

My advice is to see a different gastro doctor. Make a list of all your 'symptoms', how your BMs are (consistency, color, odor no all means something)) and questions you may have.

I was diagnosed with IBS 2 years ago this November and we (my doctor & I) still don't have 'it' under control. So I know all about the 'feelings' of having to go and can't, going without notice, diarrhea, constipation, impaction and so on. I carry a change of clothes in my car. Thing is, my gastro doctor wants to do exploratory surgery since I'm not responding to the medications, diets and so on but I have several other health issues going on that won't allow for surgery at this I basically live off of phenegan (an anti-nausea medication) and liquid loratab.

So you're not alone. Find you a good gastro doctor and get an appointment soon.

Wishing you the best. Keep us posted.



PS: Please remember to drink plenty of fluids...dehydration is nothing to play with.


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