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10/18/2009 09:33 PM

pain on left side below ribs

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Hello everyone, this is my first time posting here. I am really scared because for the past few days I have had this achy pain on the left side right under my rib cage. Also when I press there it's a little tender. Can anyone relate to this? I amhaving an endoscopy done in 2 weeks. Thank you!Sad

11/10/2009 01:19 PM
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I have that same pain! Only on my left side, vertically, right under my rib cage and goes down. It comes and goes, and I cannot associate it with anything. I've tried asking doctors, but they all dismiss it, and don't respond. Definitely tell you doctor and see what they say, especially if it is chronic and tender. My guess has always been that maybe that side of the colon is spastic or having some issue... but its weird because mine is just achy and not a spasm like feeling. Good luck with your endoscopy! Remember if you're by chance getting the endoscopy to test for celiacs it's not 100% reliable/valid test. So if it comes back negative, you still might have a food allergy. Hope you feel better soon!

11/11/2009 08:26 PM

Mmilly you can add one more person to that group of pain as I have the same thing and of course the same results from doctors. The past couple months my IBS has become a lot worse in the my whole lower stomach will growl and spasm like you wouldn't believe. Certain food groups are causing me to have diarrhea right after eating like you wouldn't believe (especially spaghetti sauce or Italian foods). My RSD is also acting up more lately in that it feel like a big sheet of barbed wire is wrapped around me it's getting almost impossible to even wear short sleeve shirts.



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