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04/22/2012 07:20 PM


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Hey everyone i hope i'm not the only one don't have alot of sex with my husband and i also have fibro and osteroarthritis and my sex life is at a lowest ever..and i'm married and my husband don't quite understand me and my pain and illness and it's takin its toll and need some commfort and hope there are others out there are like me. sometime i just give in and have sex and it hurts and i would cry and eather he stops and or hurry up and finshes. and he says i don't care about hes needs and i'm the bad guy. please help any info or stories would help me out..big thank you

04/23/2012 06:50 AM
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yes im am sorry but penetration can be very painful. u have to be open to experiment a lil, some use muscle relaxers before hand and/or lubricant to help. the key is to try n be RELAXED...we have to be supportive/aware of our partner n our needs.

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