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03/21/2011 12:01 PM

Glucose tolerance test results question

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I have been undergoing tests in the UK for some time due to a range of symptoms including hypoglycemia. After waiting for a decent endocrinologist I was sent for a prolonged oral glucose tolerance test after fasting for the required time my results were as follows:

0 (before glucose drink) - 3.5 mmol - 65 mmg

30 mins - 5.7 mmol - 102 mg

60 mins - 4.4 mmol - 72 mg

90 mins - 3.1 mmol - 56 mg

120 mins - 2.9 mmol - 52 mg

150 mins - 2.5 mmol - 45 mg

The blood for 180 mins was tested using a strip but then lost, this result was so low that they had to abandon the test.

Has anyone experienced results like these and have any idea what's going on?

Many thanks


03/21/2011 05:00 PM
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Hello vikkiville

Your results went down very fast if you ask me.

I took 48 hrs to get that low!!!

Was it done in a hospital?

What did the endrocrinologist have to say?

I know there are different types of Hypoglycaemia, but he/she should be able to explain the results.

As your level was low to start with, have you been using a blood sugar monitor like the diabetics use?

My advice would be to get one and then you can see when you are low and act on it by eating food or if too low, by having glucose or jelly beans to bring you up fast.

The usual range to between 4 and 8 I think, the chemist would tell you.

Good luck


03/22/2011 10:40 AM
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Hi Linda

This was the prolonged glucose tolerance test that was supposed to last 6 hours not the 72 hour test.

I have previously been told that I also have low cortisol but have no idea whats happening next nor what these results tell me.


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