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04/12/2011 11:52 PM

Stomach pain due to drainage tube?

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I am new here due to the fact that our 21 YO daughter was finally given the reason for her years of headaches, increased vision problems, noise in her ears and so forth. She was DX with PTC after her N.O. found that she had severe swelling behind her eyes (Papiladema ?) it even showed up on the MRI.

So after several rounds of medications to no avail, we had a NS that put in a VP shunt. Our question and concern is this: she has SEVERE stomach pain at times. We have consulted with the NS and hesays that it takes time for the tube to 'settle in' and that this is what is causing her pain.

I'd like to know YALL"s thoughts on this.

We appreciate any help and advice you can give us.

Thanks so much!


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04/13/2011 12:05 PM
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I am experiencing the same issue. I use a heating pad and massage the area. My doctor seems to think it is where I have scar tissue and the drainage of fuild is hitting the scar tissue. I must say its like razors trying to break out of my body. I just had xrays and nothing showed up. How long ago did your daughter have the shunt placed?


04/13/2011 12:09 PM
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I don't have a shunt, but I've heard this from many who do have them. If you are comfortable with your NO and the surgeon, then maybe try what Tammy suggested and give it some time. If it is really bothersome, maybe ask them what they consider normal and settling in time, and what they suggest she do to manage the pain right now.

Welcome to the site, and if you have other questions, please ask. This a a great group of people with lots of experience with IH (PTC).

04/13/2011 03:56 PM
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My daughter had a vp shunt placed on 1/5/11. She still complains of stomach pain sometimes. She said she will by lying there and all of a sudden she gets a sharp pain. MOre than one person has said this to me.

When did she get the shunt? Has it helped with the head pain?

My name is Debbie and i am one of the co-leaders here for the site. Welcome and hope to hear from you.

05/23/2011 03:45 PM
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I had my shunt placed in 2007, right after my surgery I had a few episodes were I went to the ER for the same nasty pains. Every time they said I was fine. To this day I still have some pains not the same not as bad it feels like a baby kicking maybe a little harder. I just massage it and suck it up. I hope it gets better for your daughter.

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