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08/29/2010 03:27 PM

Let me introduce myself

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Hello. My name is Christi and I am 26 years old. From 17-23 I dealt with some of the worst pain imaginable. It got so bad that I dropped out of college. I was experiencing extreme fatigue, weight gain, headaches, black outs, memory loss, inability to concentrate and skipping periods for months at a time. I had cysts rupturing regularly on my ovaries, twice causing me to be hospitalized. Doctors refused to listen. They did over $200,000 in tests and found nothing. Twice they insisted I must be pregnant, despite the negative tests, both urine and blood. One doctor thought I had cancer. Another thought it was a brain tumor. It was the worst five years imaginable.

At the age of 23 (Dec. 2007) I finally found a doctor who would listen and not tell me that it was all in my head. He did some tests and decided to remove my right ovary. During the surgery, he found that the damage to my reproductive system was much worse than he realized from the tests. I woke up and found out he'd done a radical hysterectomy.

For the most part, I am thrilled. I have taken premarin since the surgery until we couldn't afford it anymore (my husband lost his job last year and we've gone through our entire savings). For the past 4 days I've been taking Estradiol 1mg.

I am a full time student. I will graduate next May with a Bachelor's Degree in Biology and Chemistry. I'd like to go to medical school, but my GPA has greatly suffered due to extreme bouts of depression that I can't seem to get under control, along with the pre-surgery hell and the post surgery adjustments. I will probably get a Masters degree first and apply later.

I am a fully functional person now, which is something I believed impossible when I was so sick. The hardest part is watching all of my friends have babies. I want to be happy for them but it just makes me jealous and sad. My husband and I have been married 7 years. The first thing people ask is how many kids we have. When I say none, they give me this look of pity.

Well, that's my introduction. Feel free to ask anything I may have left out or made unclear.


08/29/2010 05:32 PM
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Hi Christi! Welcome to this wonderful group!! My name is Cathy & I had my complete hyster in 2004 at the age of 23. My son was 10 months old at the time. I had mine due to extensive endo which I still had issues with for a few years following the hyster. Again, welcome to the group!

Here when you need me,



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