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11/26/2012 11:25 AM

People with Hypopituitarism


Hi ya all,

I am here to share all who has hypopituitarism.

I see a lot of people's negative reply on the forums and worries about how they should live their live with this disabilities.

Well Love isn't easy to find even if you are normal person I gotta say it is basically something you have to search for it won't be their but you gotta hunt it. For some people happiness is living a normal life with a good career,beautiful wife and lots of money. Well that's seems normal but for people who has hypo will prob not have a normal way of life but it doesn't seem like it is end of the world for us.I watch a person who is called Nick Vujicic and he has set a example to us that nothing is impossible in this world depends on how hard you wanted it! People who has hypo will have to walk a hard life but it does not mean it will be bad you will work harder than normal people but if you are willing to take the challenge you can have anything a normal person have. Often in this world people that are less fortunate will give up or feel depress and seems like the end of this world I myself used to be that part of person. I gotta tell you guys if the road is hard you need to stand up and take the challenge no matter how hard it is you must conquer it. If you don't then things will just be worse and worse nothing will be good ever only if you do something about it,also there might be people who help you like your parents,families and friend but they basically will not do much unless you yourself take the action. I use to envy people who has a good life and what they have,but if you take the action yourself then you might be that person who envies you not yourself! Good Life is not given but achieved through that particular person even if anyone who has a disability but they have to work harder than others but you will be paid handsomely if you succeed. One advice for people who has Hypo don't let yourself down no matter how hard the road is!!


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