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05/19/2012 11:26 AM

Need help, about Hypoglycemic attacks! Some succes

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I am hypoglycemic since 2006, so just by now I found out this is fue to adrenal glands exhaustion. My hypo was so-so, not severe, helped by just a cup of soup every 1-2 hours and it helped or a yougurt 500 ml. I became pregnant in 2011 and I had a lot of hypoglicemic attaks, everyday, even at night! I woke up, I really was very hungry and sugar was low in blood. I found this out when I checked in glucometer measures, and doc said I have hypoglycemia. It is awfull...

Night cravings for food...

I woke up, I ate and went to bed, again I woke up - ate and go to bed, it was so bad... I did not know what to do, so by some mistake I fount out that Prenatal vitamins that I began to take from week 22 helped not to wake up at night, because there was no attack in the night when I took them.

They contained:

A - 5000 me

C - 100 mg

E - 11 Me

D3 - 400 Me

Fe - 60 mg

B1, B2, B3> B6, B9, B12 - 4mkg - small amounts, except for B3 and B9

Zinc - 25 mg

Calcium - not much

And this should NOT contain Iodine. Cause Iodine made hypoglycemia worse.

So NO iodine for hypoglemic people.

When I began to take iodine - the attacks were again, but in the morning and lunch, so I had to stop intake.

But I am lactating and my hypoglycemia came worse than ever...

I have severe hypoglycemia NOW!

After C-section lost 900 ml of blood, and I had 4 days without attacks, and could live without sugary food!!!!!!! I was so happy! But on day 4 milk came and A LOT of milk, I had the first severe attack on 5-th day and so on...

a lot of milk comes out,

also I am sweating so much, water falls of my, the whole body from head to feet sweats hard... I have severe attacks, if I dont eat. OK

if anyone can help, with suggestions PLEASE HELP!

I try to find what can help? ANY SUGGESTIONS!

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05/19/2012 11:27 AM
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sorry for mistakes

fue = "due"

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05/21/2012 01:05 AM
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Hi Nast

My sister eat much more during her pregnancy and nursing, she said she feel hungry more often but she don't have hypo, and she don't have adr fatigue. But she takes several vitamins..I can't remember.

I don't know so much about pregnancy and nursing. So I don't have input on that relating to hypoglycemia. But I know body need more energy during pregnancy and nursing, which means it need enough food, sufficient vitamins, etc.

Since you have adr fatigue, the stress from coping with the postnatal and nursing might have contribute to the worsening hypo.

My 2 cts.


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