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04/20/2010 11:30 PM

Update :( and advice?

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I had my warts diagnosed two weeks ago and in that same visit, I had a pap done. Turns out not only do I have low-risk (the warts) but high-risk as well with mild dysplasia. The doctor recommended that I get a colposcopy. What should I expect from that? I'm uninsured and probably couldn't have the proper funds for the $300 procedure until possibly June. Should I just hold off on the colposcopy altogether and just get another pap done in 3-6 months since it is only "mild"?

I alternate on how to feel with this one. I've read that "mild" dysplasia can regress or progress on its own depending on the immune system but that I shouldn't even be thinking about LEEP surgery at the moment, but I can't help but do so. I've been a really bad chain-smoker for a little over a year and pretty much quit cold turkey that day (so hard btw, seeing as how I get stressed and want nothing more than a stick of nicotine, but I have to keep in mind my immediate health is on the line here). I've upped the vitamin intake also. I sometimes am ok and just hold faith in the fact that if I go about taking care of myself that I can beat this thing...but then my paranoia can set in and I feel doomed that it's going to progress.

I told the guy I'm dating and he took this news very much unlike the prior week when I told him about the warts. He was visibly upset at the high-risk news, not angry at me or anything, but just perplexed and upset for me. I can tell he feels responsible, even though I tell him not to take it like this is his fault. There's not an absolute, viable way he could have known. He even went so far as to tell the girl he dated prior to me to go get a pap done. It's great he's trying to be proactive about it, but I don't want him driving himself crazy. He says that it's better if I exposed him to it, rather than him to me. If that girl's pap comes back clean, maybe we'll have a better picture.

Idk. But all in all, we're doing well. We can still laugh and hang out and be ourselves, and we've had those tender "this sucks" moments late at night when we can't do exactly what our bodies and minds want to. Like I mentioned in my last post, I just don't want this damn thing ruining a foundation...instead, perhaps this is some funky way of helping build a foundation (at least, that's what I hope for).

Please, give me your feedback on those questions. I'm sure some of you have more experience in these procedures than I do.

--Also, just a side question, we haven't had sex at all since the news, but if the warts clear up and I still have mild dysplasia, will sex affect it? Will it make it worse? Will sex hurt due to the abnormal cells? I asked my doctor and she said no, but I always like to get multiple opinions.


04/21/2010 01:16 PM

Same here, i have the warts too. I had them removed twice now and they havent come back in over a year (ya!!) I just found out i have mild dysplasia, and my doctor is going to do the leep producre so i can have peace of mind. I take a mulit-vitamin plus folic acid, which i found out today from my doctor is the best thing you can take for hpv. I also need to quit smoking, i have smoked for 15 years. I know it will be hard but i need to do it for my health. Im nervous about having the producre done but its worth it. As far as having sex, once you have hpv you have it having sex wont make it worse. I have some pain during sex but not all the time, everyone is different. I hope this helps you to make your decision. Good luck.

04/21/2010 01:20 PM
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Hey Ozberry. I have a high risk strain with mild dysplasia. I was told that sex doesn't affect it or increase the likelihood of anything. Both you and your partner already have it, so you can't super-expose yourself, basically.

I recommend getting the colposcopy. I went through it today for the exact same reason it's been recommended to you. I had to pay $315 and while a drag, it's worth it for me to just know what's going on instead of waiting a few more months and just hoping for the best.

It's so fantastic that you've quit smoking. Very impressive! I was told today that smoking dramatically decreases one's ability to clear HPV out of their system. So, seriously, it's great that you've stopped smoking! Stay strong with that!

You said you've started taking vitamins. I just also recommend drinking a lot of water and really doing well to keep yourself healthy and your immune system built up.

Hopefully we're both able to clear this infection out. My boyfriend is very supportive and I've so happy to hear that yours is as well.

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04/23/2010 09:20 AM
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As above, you are already exposed so having sex is not a problem.

I would have the colposcopy as soon as possible. It is not possible to tell fully with the PAP how much abnormality there is and for something like this, it is so important that it is caught and treated early. Cervical cancer is VERY bad news and is a real killer. Leaving potentially cancerous cells in your body, which can be easily removed, to me, does not seem to be something you would want to wait for!

I hope this helps and remember, we are here for you.


07/03/2011 09:40 PM
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hi! i was also diagnosed with genital warts recently. i'm using oxyfend cream to treat it. it really like it because it works well in my case. i see other treatments that you're mentioning here. i'm not familiar with them though. if my warts are falling off because of the cream, do i still need these treatments?

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