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12/12/2011 06:29 AM

Once you have HPV, do you always have it?

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Im a male. My GF of many years had an abnormal PAP smear in feb 2011 which came back with mild dyplasia with high risk types of HPV.

She had a coloscopy done in may and a follow up papsmear in nov 2011. the last pap smear came back with no abnormal cells but still positive for HPV. I figure that is a good sign.

GF has been grieving over this and we havent had sex since feb 2011.

I dont have any visible warts or anything on my penis. I had a urlogist look me over but I felt like he basically blew it off as no big deal which was good and bad. Plus he said there was no test for HPV for men.

My question:

1. Why is there no test for men? Is this because the HPV virus test requires skin scraping which pap provides but there isnt an equivalent for men?

2. our relationship is breaking up. Can I ever be cleared of HPV or will i always be a carrier? Do I need to disclose this to every future partner for the rest of my life?


12/12/2011 08:57 AM
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Hey worriedguy, I feel the same way....I have High risk HPV, not warts, but being on this site everyone says I need to tell the guy I'm with that I have it ! Won't give it to them but will make them a carrier....this is a really sad thing.....i have had to wait 2 years to get to see a real Dr.about this, because I don't have ins. so I haven't been treated I am really scared because I had cancer 5 years I don't know if there is any sign of it again....I sure wish you well.....HUGS to you

12/16/2011 09:52 AM
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There is no test for me men because there is not way to get a sample - plus the kind of HPV your GF has does not cause any problems in men. Technically once you have it you will always have it in your system, but you probably are not contagious - your immune system keeps it under control. As far as disclosing - it's a hard thing to decide - most dr's say no b/c most people are exposed anyhow, but I feel like if you know you might have a disease it's only fair to share. If you do end up in a different relationship just be sure to have info for the new GF so she does not freak out or anything. Plus, a lot of people have been vaccinated so it might be a non-issue.

As far as you current GF, she will get better with time and support. It's just hard to have a sex drive when sex just reminds you have HPV, disease and all the bad stuff you are feeling because of it. Does she has access or want to see a therapist - this was really helpful for me.


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