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07/14/2010 02:18 PM

Natural Help for Anxiety

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One reason we know that rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea) works is because it's been used worldwide for centuries, especially in Russia, Scandinavia, and Iceland (it grows in extreme northern climates), to quell anxiety and strengthen mental stamina. Another is that the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine recently gave it a big thumbs-up. If you try this plant extract, also known as golden root and available at health-food stores, follow label directions. Caveat: It can cause dizziness and dry mouth, though these side effects

are rare.

Bonus benefit: Rhodiola also counters symptoms of fatigue.


08/14/2010 07:53 AM

First..detoxifying your body is the best way to get rid of anxiety.... One easy way to detoxify the body is with an egg flush done first thing in the morning before eating anything...2 room temperature eggs....1 tsp. red pepper (optional)...juice of 3 limes or lemons...1 T. olive oil...take a fork and stir it all up and then drink it down. Then lay down for about an hour or so. Four or five hours later take some smooth move tea...prune juice...magnesium citrate...or an enema to release the bowel contents.

This flush can be done every day for a while if ill...for maintenance at least once a week is good. Over does get rid of gallstones because IT FLUSHES THE LIVER (when the liver is clean then your health will return to NORMAL)...for this though I sometimes replace the citrus juice with fresh squeezed pineapple juice!

Also replacing the minerals in your also important! You can do this by using a good quality kelp supplement...powdered not unsulphured black strap molasses... and replacing your salt with organic sea start!

Have a great day!

Faith Wink

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06/12/2011 05:36 PM
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Is there a similar detox that doesn't involve eggs?

06/13/2011 03:40 PM

You can try the master cleanse, it contains cayenne and lemons and maple syrup...

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