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10/14/2008 06:29 AM

Stage 4 Diagnosis

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Here I am again sharing my experience I had with my sister. I was her health care advocate and I hope that by sharing I can be of some service to patients and their families. It's a big confusing world out there once you are diagnosed and the patient needs all the support they can muster from family, friends, and the community.

Upon getting the results back that she did in fact have stage 4 Hodgkins the following treatment was put into place.

1) Chemotherapy , Type: Stanford Five acronym=Stanford+5

Components are:

Bleomycin, Doxorubicin, Etoposide, Mechlorethamine, Prednisone, Vinblastine, Vincristine

This treatment requires a number of prescription drugs scheduled to be taken by mouth at different time intervals to combat the side effects of the Chemo.

This treatment was very well tollerated by my sister except for one incidence with the Vinblastine which caused muscle spasms. This was stopped by prescribing another med.

My other sister Michele and I worked as a team. We bought an expandable file to hold all paper work and prescriptions. We also took notes at doctor's appointments because many times Pam was not feeling well. We kept everything in our folder and used tabs to keep things organized.

I'll be back to share more as time permits.



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