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11/08/2010 07:49 AM

To start or not to start meds?

JitterBobPosts: 1
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I was infected around January 2006, so I have been positive for approximately 5 years; give or take a few short months. I was 16 when I became positive and I am 21 now.

My viral load is around 2,000 and my T-cell count is around 700. My T-cells have never dropped lower than 600 to my knowledge, and I have never taken any medication.

I have had previous doctor's tell me I should wait until I absolutely need medication to delay resistance. My current doctor wants me to start taking medication now, but I'm too afraid. I suppose one major fear is that I will lose my muscle mass, I do work out and am afraid the medication with cause me to be too fatigued to work out anymore.

I'm also afraid starting now will cause me to be resistant to all the medications at an early age. I guess I am just really confused in general about weather to start medication or wait longer. Once I start medication, I will be on them until my death, and that is a very frightening thought.

My doctor is very ineffective at answering my questions thoroughly, so I'm just asking for some insight on the medication, side effects, personal experiences, ect. Sad

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