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04/30/2012 07:20 AM

Just diagnosed

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Hello everybody,

I am so glad I found this support group! I have been diagnosed with HS three days ago, by my family doctor. I will see a dermatologist this coming Friday to discuss details and treatment.

I am 37 years old, never had acne or skin issues as a teenager or later on in life. However, I have had Ulcerative colitis (a form of IBD and an auto-immune disease) for 3 years. I wonder if they are related. Has anyone else had similar issues? I suspect that this HS flare was triggered by some hormonal imbalance.

My HS is axillary right now, I have 2 lumps under one arm, and 1 lump under the other. They are approx. the size of an acorn and have not drained. Is it better to help them drain or to just leave them run their course? Two of them are red and give sort of a burning sensation from time to time, one is just under the skin, not painful.

I read through the list of remedies, thank you to those who have put it together! I got some Tea Tree Oil. Should I apply it to the "cysts"? Again, they are not open, have not drained yet.

Thank you for your help and support. Best of health to all,



04/30/2012 08:27 AM
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Hi RT (auburtica) A big welcome to the group! I am so glad you found it too, as it is such a great feeling to have other HS warriors to talk to. What a lonely disease this can be when it seems we are the only person in our world who knows what it is like.

As for what to do about draining, I cannot stress enough, DO NOT TRY IT YOURSELF. Sometimes there is just nothing to drain, as a hard red lump is usually the inflamed and swollen apocrine gland. Best to let it run it's course and hope it does not bacome abcessed and fill with pus. That is when they need to drain, but still not by human hands.

Here is my experience over 32 years now. Either get the glands and follicles involved removed as soon as possible by a dermatologist who is experienced and has a good record of treating HS. Like any disease, the earlier it is addressed, the better.

It sounds as if you are in stage 1 still, and it is so much better to take care of HS then. It is in the stages 2&3 when the sinus tracts form (aka tunneling) that more extreme surgery is needed. I was 35 when I first started getting HS bumps and abcesses and I was 55 when I finally got surgery.

The thing that makes the biggest difference when I do get an abcess now it to start taking my Keflex at the first sign. It has always worked for me, and works to kill the bacteria and help it to drain faster. I also step up the moist hot compresses then and use hand sanitizer more often.

As you probably know, HS has no known cause and no known cure, but yes we have many home remedies the work well to keep it in check most of the time. But stage 3 won't respond to them like in early stages, hence the early removal suggestion.

Yes, just run a q-tip under water and dip it in the bottle of TTO and apply it right to the bumps and I put it on my whole underarm area. I have only one cyst there now, and it hasn't turned into HS after having surgery in 2000 to remove a large abcess, cyst and some early tunneling just beginning. I had surgery later that year for groin lesions and tracts(both sides)that were extensive and the surgery was for much more area to try and remove sinus tracts and HS lesions and abcesses which had been left too long untreated.

Not for not trying on my part. Tongue Drs. just didnt know what to do with it and even then my dr. sent me to a general surgeon who was a pal of his. They just felt so sorry for me and decided to try and help. The surgery was bearable though painful like any surgery would be, for a few weeks, and it took almost a year to heal completely due to one spot that was clumsily sutured. He did not miss his calling as a cosmetic surgeon. lol Still I would do it again.

That is happing more and more now with awareness spreading, thanks to the wonderful people on this and other groups for HS spreading the word and even taking printouts to their drs. who aren't well read on HS. We are the ones who have the real scoop on it! We've been on the battlefield so to speak and really know how HS acts, reacts and effects our lives in such a devestating manner at times.

I look forward to getting to know you and hope to see you here on the forum. Please keep us updated on your treatment? I am so happy you were diagnosed early.

Karen Smile

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04/30/2012 08:38 AM
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Thank you for your prompt reply, Karen, I really appreciate it! I am reading a lot about HS, though I am terrified of what the future will bring.

I have not tried to drain the cysts myself. I was just wondering if it was better to apply all kinds of ointments to help them form a head and drain. I will follow your suggestion about TTO on q-tips.

WOW, so you say I should have surgery sooner rather than later? I need to look into doctors who are experienced.

Thanks again for all your advice, I will keep checking the posts!



05/01/2012 11:51 AM
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RT, I spoke too soon (regarding a comment on another post) and am so glad that you did indeed, tell us about youself! Laughing

In addition to what Karen said (because quite frankly, she summed up a lot in her comment) I would also advise you to not force the lesion to rupture! If I am dealing with the horrible "pressurized" feeling when an alien will NOT come to a head, I take a "hot-as-I-can-stand-it" bath or apply a heating pad of some kind. The heat will help any pus to form at the surface and it will naturally rupture on it's own, when it's ready to. If you try to "pop it" yourself, you are opening the door to secondary infection and then antibotics are required. Trust me: no fun!

I also agree with Karen that surgery in a early stage is less costly & a smaller area to deal with healing, than later in progression. Sadly, I have yet to have surgery personally. I was prepared to look into it last December and then simultaneously discovered that I was pregnant, so surgery will absolutely have to wait! My HS is on both sides of my groin & my buttocks, so that is too close for comfort to the growing baby inside of me. Whistling Anyway, I hope to hear from you soon! <3 Candace

05/01/2012 03:09 PM
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RT, Thats interesting that you mentioned that you have IBD and HS - I recently read that they can be related. It seems like inflamation and our immune system is our worst enemy. I recently read something in a program for losing weight that I thought I would share that may help HS and other immune sys probs. The author stated that we have a heavy brown fat under the white fat. This brown fat, when stimulated, burns calories ****but also stimulates the immune system. To stimulate this fat, they suggest that after taking a hot shower, turn the hot off and let the ice cold water run on your back, chest and shoulders for 30 seconds to a minute. I just started doing this and noticed that when I cool down the HS infected area too, there is less swelling for a little while. But the Hot/Cold shower seems to be giving me a little more energy for a little while. Just a suggestion.

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