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01/18/2009 08:54 AM

taking care of my heroin addict daughter's young s

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Who else is raising children's children?I just joined. I just got my grandson. Daughter is in rehab for the first time. Child is five and surprisingly happy. I work fulltime as high school teacher and this new situation starts Tuesday. Does anybody else have this too?

01/05/2010 06:59 AM
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yes. there are lots of us out there. my daughter the addict has three children. I have custody of the oldest two ages 7 and 10. I have had them since the seven year old was born.

email me anytime at

website (need permission via email me) is at

01/22/2010 06:17 PM
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hi. my name is dawn. i am 45 and have been raising my granddaughter for 1 year as of christmas day. it is a velvet prison -- a labor of love. i pray all the time for strength, health, peace. my daughter went to rehab when my gdau was 8 weeks old. she will be 5 the end of this month. 10 months of rehab. lived with other relatives because the rehab said she should. relapsed. stole from every family member that tried to help. she stole my id, and i had to press charges or pay the $12k she racked up in less than 6 weeks. all you have is your grandchild, and your love. it is enough, but you have to allow yourself to cry as much as you need, feel, want. i don't hide it from anyone -- not even her daughter. god bless and i will pray for your strenth (AND PATIENCE!!)

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