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08/23/2011 05:14 PM

long term treatment facilities

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Hello Again,

Well after 8 years you think I would have smartened up, unfortunately I haven't. My son has the biggest decision of his life weighing on his shoulders. He can either commit to a long term facility or move out of our lives. I have gotten a lot of information about Teen Challenge and His Mansion. Does anyone else know of a long term facility preferably in the New England area? I want him to have all the options available. He knows he has hit rock bottom and we told him that he must make the decision himself as to whether he wants to have a life again. Opiates are slowly killing him and we are trying to not let it destroy us. It has been a long, tough 8 years and I know some of you have it much worse than we do. I guess once again, I am at wits end and want to help him so bad. I know I cannot do that if he doesn't want to help himself. I am just praying to God he makes the right decision. Thanks for listening.



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