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05/08/2012 01:50 PM

Liver Biopsy! OUCH

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Whoever said it didnt hurt Sad I was in so much pain afterwards. I only got a little bit of lidocaine nothing else. No IV or anything.

Oh well. Glad its over. Hopefully start treatment soon so I can stop worrying so much. Sad


05/08/2012 05:03 PM
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No! Really ridiculous, no medicine! Angry

I wonder sometimes if it's just another case of prejudice by assumption (drug addiction issues) or just plain cheap ass. So sorry you were in pain. Mine was not pleasant at all and they did up the IV and also had to pump me full of fentanyl afterward. I still think that lousy dr. missed the target with the lidocaine in the first place!

You're right. It's over. I wish you the best on the results. No lifting. If you can, really take it easy next 4 days.

05/08/2012 06:40 PM
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Yes do take it easy, I have heard it is bad painful, hope it comes out good.

The 2 gastros I have favor the fibrosure blood test. The 1st one pulled me from tx and only did fibrosure testing and all I heard about was biopsy and that he jumped the gun on pulling from tx. So I got a 2nd from a gastro out of town who has been treating for 20 yrs or so started with Vit Nam vets, said he would do one if I wanted but "Biopsy is dangerous and only as good as the sample they get"..the fibrosure blood test is more acurate and less pain or dangerous.

If your gastro knows much about the current testing he would know about this blood test.

And they say the liver feels no pain. Is that why they dont numb anything but the outter layers of skin and tissue. I still think they are wrong about liver and it feeling pain. When its inflamed it is painful.


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