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06/17/2010 07:03 PM

My boyfriend just found out he has hepC...

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I have this whole life planned with my boyfriend who I've been with off and on since I was 15 years old. I love him so much and desperately want a future with him. He just found out he has hepC but I dont. I dont know what to do. I want to stay with him, but everything I read says its sexually transmitted as well as transmitted through blood (We are both recovering meth addicts but he used to shoot up) I dont want to be without him but I have two little girls and my own life to think about. I dont know what to do...I'm so confused. Any suggestions or advice?

06/17/2010 10:11 PM
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Hepatitis C is only transmitted blood to blood. As long as you don't allow your boyfriends blood to enter your blood stream you will be fine. The fact that he knows about it is a plus because he can be careful with his blood. About 4 million people have it and don't know it and are inadvertently spreading it. Don't share personal items with him like nail clippers, tootbrushes, razors and keep those kinds of items out of the reach of your children so they don't accidentally use them. Educate your children about that as they get old enough to understand about blood. It is not a sexually transmitted disease unless the transmission of blood is involved in your sex acts. Just educate yourself a bit better about it. It certainly isn't a reason to NOT continue to plan a wonderful life with him. He just needs to be careful with his blood and use kleenexes that can be flushed rather than a paper towel tossed into the trash as the virus can live in the air for up to 4 days. It would, however, take someone picking up the paper towel with Hep C positive blood on it and the other person having an open cut on them for a transmission to actually occur.

There are treatments for Hep C that are 50-85% successful depending on the genotype. Most of us are genotype 1 and we have a 50/50 shot at clearing the virus but next year a third medication will be added that raises that chance to about 75%. I hope he has gone to the doctor and discussed his options.

Also your boyfriend, you and your children should all be vaccinated for Hepatitis A and B. (There is not a vaccine for Hepatitis C)

Continue with your plans and your relationship if you are in love and just get educated.

06/23/2010 05:49 PM
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I agree with PeachStatePam, plan your life with him, but also edicate yourself and the kids when the time is right. I had this disease before I even got preganant with my children and both are negative. My son is 16 and my daughter is 14. I was with my ex husband for 6 years and never passed it to him. As long as you asre monogomas and not practing in rough sexual behaviors then there should be no worries.

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