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01/14/2010 02:00 PM

Written up

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Today I had to meet with my boss and review my caseload of patients. At the end my boss looked at me and saif this is the part of being a Supervisor that I really hate. I have to write you up with a warning for incomplete charts. I knew this was going to happen. I just can't keep up with all the computer work needed for my Admissions and Recertifications of my patients. I.m having to many severe side effects that just take me right down. I told her I expected this and realize she is just doing her job.. Unfortunately I am now really having to decide if the time has arrived to go out on Disibility/ If I get another warning I will be fired. Two strikes and your out thank you very much!!!!!. So I'm feeling like I really have no choice and my back is against the wall. I am scared as I cannot run my home on what I will bring home. I am already thinking of getting a private duty RN jon off the books to compensate for my loss....It may be my only option. I asked to have Monday and Teusday off as sick days as I will see my Hematologist and hopefully find out how we will treat this awful complications of Necrotizing Vasculitis before it does me in !!!!!!

01/15/2010 06:30 AM
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I am so sorry to hear this. I wish things could be better. I am here for you.

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