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11/17/2009 12:11 PM


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Well group, this is chrisie722, back from the Hep C doc. I mistakenly thought I was having my biopsy today. so thank you for all the good luck wishes, I will save them till the 1st of the year. I did find out I have type 1a. I understand that is (the bad one) takes the longest to treat, and treatment has alot of bad side effects. That is what I learned from my new Doc. today, Then I had to go next door to the Hosp. and donate blood, beside the 3 tubes my primary doc took yesterday, the hep c doc took 9 tubes!!!!! (is that the norm for the 1st visit?) Wow, yesterday, I also got a shot for the arthritis in my right elbow, and got my H1N1 vac.last night. talk about a pin cushion. iF ANYONE WANTS TO TALK TO ME, I AM HERE FOR A LITTLE WHILE.

11/17/2009 04:22 PM
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I will get to be a pincushion Thursday and Friday. Flu shot and H1N1, vaccine on Thrusday. Interferon and Nuepogen shot on Friday. Don't know if I have another blood draw Thursday. And yes they do take a lot of blood, when it comes to this disease. It's usually 6 tubes for me every few weeks. So do you know if you are going on Pegasys or PegIntron?

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