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03/23/2009 01:14 PM

new hemophilia info!!!!

joanne82Posts: 76

Here is some info.... Wink

New England Hemophilia Association(NEHA)

347 Washington St, Suite 402

Dedham, MA 02026

781-326-7645 main number

Jane Smith, program director(the one in charge of family camp) 508-845-7457

She would be the one to contact about the upcoming events:

-summer camp: definitely ask her about this!!!

-springfest in Providence, RI

AHF picnic will be on August 25th at Look Park in MA. It is a fun day, there is a little train, petting zoo, bumper boats, lots of food, games raffle for the kids, fun day for the fam. Shari has been before. If you have any other questions about AHF please let me know. As a parent I can honestly say I believe it is the best, they provide the best service~you will always get exactly what you need next day/same day if an emergency, always talk to a person, everyone on staff knows hemophilia(and many live w/ it day to day so they all understand) and what I like and what I feel is important w/ a homecare is that their proceeds go right back into the community, the money they make helps our family enjoy chapter events, they give 60% of their proceeds to The colburn-Keenan foundation which helps people w/ chronic illnesses, which is so important!

Ok enough rambling, hope I did not overwhelm you.

If you have any questions you can talk to my friend Mandy McCullough

Client Relations Advisor


1-800-652-5242 (business)

860-214-2346 (cell)

She is the one that told me about all these fun hemophilia stuff =)


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