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10/28/2008 11:46 AM


countryrose61Posts: 1
New Member

My name is Rose.....I have had hearing loss for 25 years but it is getting worse. i find myself not talking to people, not joining in converstation, almost isolating myself because i cannot understand what is being said. it is frustrating and embarrassing for both myself and my boyfriend. I need some encouragement and some friends like myself who will be able to relate to my frustrations and maybe give me some answers on how to cope with certain situations.

10/28/2008 02:57 PM
Posts: 531
Senior Member

Welcome to the group CountryRose!!!!

I am sure that you will find the people here supportive and understanding.

I am an audiologist/hearing aid dispenser and will answer any questions you might have along those lines.

10/29/2008 09:02 PM
Posts: 211

I understand how you feel I have had hearing loss since 11 that keeps getting worse. I hear nothing without thewe aides. I went for years without them due to my parents. i also isloated and bluff in social situations. my husband says I am going to say yes to the wrong thing one day. I just agree at times when I don't hear them. what i hate most it makes me look stupid. willglad to have you on board and be your friend> I defintly share your frustration. I am now 62.Its been a long hard journey


01/02/2009 10:01 AM
markmPosts: 722
Senior Member

I know how you feel, i have hearing loss, and tinitis, the ringing is madening some times, and i dont really socialize because of it.I work in a factory and most of my long time friends there now use there hands to describe work to 49 and when I was a child I thought all people had ringing ears.I have made many friends on the internet , because its a social place I fit in, In real life,im on the outside it seems.

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