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03/07/2010 03:19 AM

My Health Insurance dilemma

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I had a full time job for years with great health benefits. Then I went through crisis after crisis and left the job so that I could be at home w/my son. It was the right thing to do. I was in good health.

In the state of Michigan, there are county plans. They are not Health insurance. I pay no premiums. There is no emergency coverage. many docs won't take this health plan because the county's repay is stringent...too time consuming for most health providers.

I was on this plan for a few years and then started caring for my mother. Caregiving wipes people out and I started noticing changes that were alarming, physically. Some may actually be perimenopause.

The problem I had is that my doc wouldn't look into it. I think it's because the county wouldbe too strict on payment if she started looking for the source of my problems. seems unethical but I believe this.

It's against county rules for members to get health insurance. I could barely afford it but with all the stories of people losing their homes because of skyrocketing costs of health insurance I decided I couldn't afford to be w/o it.

I signed up for health insurance w/a major provider.

What bullshit. 2500 deductible. 2 office visits per year, 80% covered. anymore and I pay out of pocket. for this I pay 215/month. My new doc wanted me to get a colonoscopy. I felt that was important. I've met my deductible by paying out of pocket for the colonoscopy.

I went in to urgent care for my 4 visit because they charge less than my primary doc. they told me I have to go in for gynecology testing. wow. they also told me to go with the health plan on this because its a covered cost.

just the worry of how I'd cover my POTENTIAL medical bills is making me sick.


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