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06/24/2011 09:15 PM

New to the group and have no insurance

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My name is Kerry and I have Lupus and Raynaud's disease and I do not have insurance right now. I got laid off from my job about 2 years ago and the cobra payments are just to high. About a year ago my health went downhill very fast and we have had to pay everything out of pocket and are now are in a great deal of debt. My husband has his own business so to the state it looks like we make to much money for help.

Anybody else in the same boat or have a suggestion where I might get some help?



06/25/2011 02:51 PM
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Hi Kerry, welcome to the group! It's very slow here because no one was really around and it got off to a poor start, but hopefully we can figure something out.

I don't know what your family income is, but I found this:

I got it from this site:

You'll be able to figure it out once you put in your information like age, state, etc. It looks like you're fortunate enough that your state has a high risk pool. Mine does, too, but it wouldn't help me since my premiums are astronomical here. I'm still employed and on my employer's group insurance so I'm fortunate, but I have a few health issues and could see myself in your exact situation some day.

You'll notice that there are two plans and one was your state's high risk pool and the other is the new PCIP pool. If you've been uninsured for more then six months, the PCIP is another option for you. They can't and won't deny you coverage because of pre-existing conditions.

Please let me know what you find out for your state and again, welcome!

06/25/2011 09:30 PM
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Thanks so much for the info! I'll check it out and let you know!Smile

08/15/2011 06:23 AM
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Hello Kerry, see if you can get some help here:

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09/19/2011 11:54 PM
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hi Kerry.......

you may insured the life insurance policy now. for this or getting more information you may consult with loss assessor. they will definitely help you.


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