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11/01/2007 06:47 PM

non-prescription meds for pain

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[i]Am having to go off of Tramadol and diclofenac for side effect reasons. Is anyone finding some non-prescriptions meds that help? Has anyone tried aspirin? Ibuprofen, naproxyn doesn't help. How about topical capsaicin?
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11/02/2007 05:30 AM
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There are herbal pills that help with withdrawls they actually are called 'withdrawl pills' they have a composition of skullcap and skullcap can help some ppl with cronic pain btw, but I'm sorry I can't remember the exact name of the formula only that I've got it for a friend before and if you have a good health food store go there and ask the herbalist, hope that helps and you feel better soon. Are they putting you on anything else?? Going on something else, lortab, etc. should help you to not have withdrawls, not to mention that the dr's should be helping you with getting off the meds unless you are going off them on your own? I'd still call your doc and see if you could get something else for pain. I found Ultram untolerable myself and wouldn't take naproxyn. Hope something else works for you.


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11/03/2007 08:24 AM
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Sadly NISAD's and OTC pain meds usually have little or no effect of Fibro pain.

Properly done, if you pain warrants it you should be on a long acting opioid for maintainance & have a short acting one prescribed for flares.

Lyrica seems to be effective for about 30% of fibro suffers if it's available to you I would try a course & see if it's effective for you and whether or not you can tolerate it. I would try it before considering opioids so you can gauge it's effect alone. BUT! for severe chronic pain you may need to take a combination of both (provided you body can tolerate either or both medications).

Myofascial Release Therapy is currently working for me

you can find links to information on it in the Fibro Forum Medicine & Treatment section under "Important Links"

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