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03/18/2007 12:57 AM

i really very depressed by kidney cancer

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Hi my name is jhon kemps and I live in New York I was suffering from kidney cancer, and I had undergone two surgeries. One is for removing kidney and other one is for lung surgery at mounce senia hospital in New York. He has not he mediated to who he did not can help me, and I have takes some chemical medicines and other tablets so I loss 50 pounds. And when I am in hospital my family was shock to see my stage. I think am i going to die so I was very depressed about me. But at the last time my friends give me batter solution for me to contact herbal and natural specialist. Than I meet DR K Rao when I was taking treatment from him. I really very happy and he gradually treat me by giving natural and herbal therapies really it's a miracle. and I am not only having cancer but also my eyes are very week, unable to walk, and tiredness now I am able to see and I can able to do all my things and I think I have gain my life once again.
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04/13/2007 04:47 PM
bunnyPosts: 13
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Hi. Having my own battle with cancer, I know what you're talking about.

If you lost all hope for the traditional therapeutic approach to get you well through this, then I suppose appealing to a herbal specialist is better than not doing anything about it, as I've seen so many people do, while I was going from hospital to hospital and from cancer center to cancer center.

You say you're feeling better - good for you. It's good and refreshing to hear that. It's a hope and a thought many of us want to hold on to.

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05/28/2007 09:53 PM
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Here is a place where you can read articles about cancer and other research subjects. Maybe something there will help you.
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