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02/17/2007 11:28 AM


competewithnaturePosts: 9
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Since I was very young (my teenage years, I believe) I've developped the so-called "blackheads" and since I got married, my wife is constantly torturing me with various instruments (they evolved over time, from her wedding ring to gauze wrapped around her fingers, and lately to a horrible torture instrument that she so fancily calls tire-comedon, and is, in fact, a zit squeezer), in order to get me rid of them for... oooh, about three weeks.

I don't mind them, really, but my wife says it's bothering her that I'm all greasy and looking all punctured all the time, and I noticed myself they're not so pretty on my face (I've got lots on my nose, forehead and chin) and I was wondering if there's any chance to stop them from appearing, cause 30-something years of monthly torment don't seem to have helped so much...

Thank you for any suggestion.

And don't laugh at the old man, I'm doing it out of love, you know.

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