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10/07/2009 10:25 PM


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I am to undergo an operation for replacement & reconstruvtion of voice box,the doctor says I will have to breathe through a hole in the neck.What are the changes in lifestyle,should i go for it are there any options?will I be able to continue with my professional life?

Please help


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10/13/2009 11:41 PM
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Hi and welcome! There aren't alot of members in this group as you can see. I cant tell you what you should do because I dont have any medical training what so ever. I can only offer support and a shoulder and share our experiences. I have seen people that have had that operation done seemingly leading a fairly normal life style though. I did read in one of the books the clinic gave us is that after cancer its not about getting back to normal before the cancer its about getting you normal for you. Finding a way and doing whatever rehab thats needed to teach us how to live with changes the cancer has made in us and our daily lives. I might suggest if you aren't comfortable with the prognosis and treatment plan to seek advice from another professional. This is a huge step and you're going to want to be sure you trust your drs have your best interest in mind. I'm afraid thats not much help but all I got for you I'm afraid. My husband has cancer of the tonsils thats spread to a lymph node. We're just beginning our journey with this and he starts radiation on the 26th, I'll try to check in here as much as possible. Take care

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