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08/07/2009 10:39 AM

7.2 uric acid level

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I was told by my doctor I had gout. I had a blood test that showed the level was 7.2 but there was nothing to worry about. She would not prescribe any medication. My big toe hurts, especially after I eat something. Outside of not eating, what are my alternatives so I can be more comfortable. My toe has hurt for a month with no let up--unless I don't eat anything, then it kind of calms down a bit. Does anyone have a diet to follow so I will know what to eat? I don't drink and I am not overweight--except maybe 5 or 10 pounds I could stand to lose.Would appreciate any help or comments. Thanks

01/04/2010 06:29 AM
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you should avoid meat and soft drinks, i eat cherries, and berries and olives and olive oil you will feel the difference. drink plenty of water too



04/18/2010 07:31 PM
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According to my specialists we must also watch mini seeded berries such as strawberries, blackberries, and kiwi. These fruits are high in purine content and can actually affect us negatively. I'm just making us aware.

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