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02/12/2011 07:08 PM

Bioidentical HRT

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I was just wondering if anybody had ever attempted Bioidentical HRT's. There are a couple of clinics in the area where I live that offer this treatment. HRC Medical is a much larger clinic that offers this, but they are also more expensive. Another clinic in the area offers a similar program for about a third of the cost; however, instead of hormone pellets that are implanted into the hip, they offer lotions that are applied to the hip or inner thigh daily. I have not yet found a synthetic option that is compatible with me. My main reasoning for these clinic is mostly for the testosterone treatments. As of my last hormone screening, my testosterone level was only 8% of what it should be which also limits my metabolism. Just wonderign if anybody had ever tried or is currenyly trying this type of HRT's and if so, their opinions.

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