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05/04/2008 12:35 PM

I have GERD

seabiscuitPosts: 9

HI everyone, I have GERD/acid reflux. Recently I had a fiberoptic laryngogscopy where the ENT doc said I have damage from acid reflux. I just threw out some citrus and am cutting back on using tomato sauce, and stopped using balsamic vinegar. I need to lose weight and also not go to bed after eating, wait a few hours. Soon I'm going to be trying Protonix, hopefully it will work better than Omeprazole.

How are all of you doing with GERD/acid reflux?



12/01/2008 09:23 AM

I had the same experience. How are you doing now? I use Protonix and zanaflex 150. I find out on wed. what he wants to do about my voice problems.



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