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05/23/2010 07:33 PM

fluttering in stomach

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no i do not have a baby in my belly, i am 51 years old and ...well trust i am not expecting. but for the past say three weeks i have been having this fluttering sensationon the left side of my stomach, i don't know if itis from where i had my gallbladder removed or what it is, has anybody else experience this?

05/24/2010 09:58 AM

Hi there,

First of all, welcome to the GERD support group. You will find that everyone here is very nice and supportive.

I have experienced some fluttering in my stomach at times (I too am not pregnant - LOL). I'm not sure what it's from, except maybe the GERD doing it's thing. It doesn't hurt, it's just a weird fluttering feeling. Have you talked to your doc about it? I haven't because I never think of it when I see her. Sideways

Keep in touch and let me know how things are going.



05/25/2010 09:16 AM
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i dont get fluttering,but my stomach"speaks"to me ALL.THE.TIME.(no matter WHAT i eat/dont eat)its rather embarrassing @ times becuz it seems to happen alot when i have a "friend"

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