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12/28/2011 12:49 PM

Upper Endoscopy and 4 biopsies, mean anything?

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I had my first Upper endoscopy done yesterday and really only my second imaging study done on my abdominal area since my focus has been towards other areas this entire year and a half... but since the gastric emptying scan showed a 9 hour emptying time they did an upper endoscopy and said they would be looking for contracting and see if there was any immediate things causing the gastro paresis . I did not get to speak with the Gi doc who did the procedure my God mother did and she is not the best at remembering things or asking questions, I guess he told her that he would relay all info to a particular nurse and to ask her all questions. When I came to( I was under complete anesthesia) I was talking to a nurse that knew nothing of this and could tell us nothing except that he took 4 biopsies and they found nothing. I peeked at some of my paperwork and it said celliacs disease, and I asked about that, and she said oh that must have been a mistake.. and she said it must have been normal.. but my god mom said that the gi doc wants an mri and ct scan done asap and had taken 4 biopsies and the stomach was inflamed.

So now I am confused because nurse said I didn't need to follow up and everything was fine, my godmom said that the doctor told her that I needed to follow up within the next 2 weeks and get ct scans and mri's done to find out what is going on. I am also wondering if it is normal to get 4 biopsies done if everything looks normal, or if this is a sign that things looked abnormal in there and wondering what an inflamed stomach means. I just want to prepare myself for the worst, or give myself some peace of mind if this is typical of an endoscopy. Also how do you know if you have small intestinal cancer if the upper endoscopy only goes slightly into the small intestine and the small intestine has quite a bit of length to it?


12/29/2011 09:19 AM
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The inflammed stomach can be a lot of things, so I wouldn't worry yet. In my past experience (I've had 7 upper endoscopies), they take biopsies of anything that looks even slightly out of the norm. I think I would definitely follow-up with the doctor regardless of what the nurse said. If you are unclear of anything he did you should at least speak with him to get clarification for your own peace of mind.

If he was looking for Celiac, the biopsies could be for that. That's what they were looking for in my first scope.

01/02/2012 09:15 AM
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When I had EGD done a couple years ago, they took a couple biopsies from my stomach, too. They are checking for an h. pylori infection or anything else, so they can treat it, if an infection is the case. I didn't have an h. pylori infection, but my report said that my stomach was extremely inflamed, irritated, and red. I was diagnosed with gastritis. Sometimes you have to think how some of us on this forum do not get an ulcer or something else with how long it takes for food and liquids to leave our stomach. I know you said yours is all the extreme side, too. Good luck! Keep us posted on how you are doing!


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01/22/2012 09:09 PM
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mine is simlar.i have done 2 endoscopy and 2 stomach is inflamed despite the many antacids and the walls of the stomach has hypertrophy.for me,being a nurse,if the wall is that inflamed proper digestion is not taking place.the stomach is in contact with the ffood for too long,so ttit becomes inflamed.mine came back negative for pylori,bacteria.Wink

10/19/2012 03:53 AM
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I just got my report from my endoscopy. I think it's normal that they check for things while already in your stomach. Try not to worry.

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