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04/30/2012 04:52 AM

Tramadol... what a joke(page 2)

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I feel yor pain (literaly!) It says VOLUMES about our values/morals in our society today a damn heroin addict can say he has a disease & they will give them enough medicine (dope) to kill a horse! But if you have a (rare but legit.) disease with extreme pain they treat you like a junkie! To tell you the truth it makes me even sicker than I already am! Most countrys we can buy a lot of the anti-nausua meds over the counter! You have my sympathy LMK if there's EVER anything I can do to help? Or if you ever need someone to rap with I'm here for you 24/7 365!Sick Sideways Sick Shocked Sick Wassat

04/30/2012 04:09 PM
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I can totally relate! I was taken off ultram and morphine and another script was added that suppose to effect the nerve endings to reduce my pain. It's not doing a thing. My insurance company is allowing me 28 Zofran a month for nauseau . . . I take it 4 x a day. Grr

05/01/2012 02:48 AM
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Lisa I'm sorry about the Zofram issue. I think many of us get that. They will not pay for Zofran in Canada with the Disability insurance unless you have cancer AND are undergoing chemo. What a joke. Like they are the only people who need this drug. It's all about saving money because it's like 20$ a pill. Don't get me wrong. People living with cancer totally deserve it but I feel that we do too. I have to take an off brand of phenergram when I get bad and had to get used to the regular daily nausea.

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