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01/18/2012 01:41 PM


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Soo, I just spoke with a Lawyer yesterday about my disability claim. I know alot of people have probably gone through the whole process without a Lawyer but, I'm not really sure that I have it in me to do it on my own.

The Lawyer did state that I do have a very strong case, so here goes nothing. Its really odd how life works. Seven Months ago, I was vibrant, full of life, and BIG dreams. Today however, I am withered, and feel frail. I'm nauseus 99% of the time. I puke several times a day. And, I am losing alot of weight.

I had talked with the Chief of Medicine at VA last Friday, and was told that my Gastro Dr. would be in contact with me so we could get back on the right page regarding my health. It is now Wed. the 18th. Yes 5 DAYS LATER!! And, I have not heard a word from him!! I'm trying to get VA to pay for my Smart Pill Study locally, so that I do not have to drive down to the Boston VA Center. The last time that happened, I was extremly sick the entire drive down, and back. Yes, the VA is kind enough to have a bus which drives us Veterans to our appointments. However, being a passenger and driving almost 3 hrs. down their was horendous for my stomach.

So anyways, wish me luck everyone with these two extremly important steps in my journey. And, if anyone has any pointers, or tips please feel free to let me know.


01/19/2012 07:01 PM
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i wish you the very best of luck...the biggest thing you can do is never give up!


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