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05/26/2011 10:18 AM

AFFIRMATOR helps with gastritis

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I'd like to share my own experience in treating gastritis. I've had chronic gastritis for many years. I've tried different medications. Many of them were really helpful and eased the symptoms. But the thing is the disease has always came back after a few months so I had to swallow the pills again. When I heard about the technology AFFIRMATOR I thought it was another swindle. I couldn't believe some piece of software intended to affect your subconscious could help my lifelong problem. Still I was so sick and tired of my stomach problems that I decided to try it. After several sessions with the program I felt much better. After two weeks I saw relationship with my wife got much better I started having better sleep and became much calmer.

I had heard before the gastritis might have a psychosomatic nature and be caused by stresses and tense relationship with close people. But the result was absolutely fantastic for me. So if you have long lasting problems with your stomach, you often feel stressed and depressed AFFIRMATOR New-stomach is something that can be very helpful to you. You can read more about it or download the program on


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