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04/17/2011 12:49 AM



Is anyone planning any holidays this year? Ok, sorry, vacation time Smile I want to know where you're all thinking of going, make me jealous Smile

I am spending a week in France in August with my parents, really looking forward to that! And we're having a weekend in Prague early December, going to the Christmas markets there. It's apparently really nice. Never been before, we went to Dusseldorf Germany last Christmas.


04/17/2011 04:53 PM
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Bailey, You have made me jelous of your travels. I can only hope to do some traveling in your area one day. We dont have any majior plans. My husband and i bought some land on a lake, so I think we will spend much of the summer there. Mayby a trip to Madora ND, take the kiddos to see the musical and the pitch fork fondue supper. We'll see how my pocket books feels Smile

04/18/2011 10:57 AM

You are so lucky! I don't have any major plans. But, I live in Florida which is where a lot of people come to vacation. So, I guess I'm already here!

Where in France are you going? I used to live in Germany, near Trier. I visited Paris once and LOVED it!! Dusseldorf is also wonderful. I never made it to Prague, but the Christmas markets are always great fun. Makes me think of gluhwein and hot candied almonds. Yumm.

04/18/2011 01:07 PM

Going to Paris actually Smile Well, spending most of the time in Paris, but having a day just outside Versaille so we can go there for a day too. So, I am really looking forward to it!

France is such a nice place. I love the culture and the art and the fashion and everything about it. And if you speak French, then people are really nice with you. A lot of people say different, but I always find if I make an effort, they will make an effort to.

Germany was lovely, I'd never really been before but it was stunning. And the mulled wine, as you mention, was addictive Smile Me and my parents said we'd have one, and four later, we were still there hugging random German people Smile I will never forget that Smile

04/27/2011 11:49 AM
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We (my husband & myself) rent a beach house, in August, with my daughter her husband and my grandchildren. It is in Rhode Island the state next to CT where we live.

We have been doing this for the past 25 years changing houses periodically. It's a very laid-back time. The young beach it and we older folk shop and site see.

Traditionally I am the cook when we eat in. I am a foodie and a world class home cook, it will be interesting to see how it will be post surgery.

04/29/2011 09:34 AM

Rhode Island in the summer sounds wonderful. I can almost hear the ocean just thinking about it. Have a great time!

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