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08/25/2011 04:53 PM

Hi Everyone!

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Hi everyone,

I am new here. Well I signed up last week but am just now taking the time to say hi to everyone. Sorry about that. I started my preop liquid diet last week and have not been in the best of moods. It is alot harder than I thought but I only have 2 weeks to go and then surgery so yay. I am looking forward to getting to know everyone and really looking forward to any tips or advice anyone has for me. Especially anything to help me make it on this liquid diet.

Nice meeting you guys,



08/25/2011 06:14 PM

Welcome to the group, Chandra! And congrats on your surgery date! Stick with the pre-op diet as directed, it will be worth it. If your liver hasn't shrunk enough, you doc will get you open and close you right back up without doing anything. You'll have the pain from the almost-surgery, but none of the benefits. Trust me on this!!

Hang in there! It's just around the corner. Smile


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